Cryptocurrency Industry Sentiment Report 

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  • Market Trend, Sentiment & Capitalisation
  • Crypto Vs Traditional Exchanges
  • Case Study: A Crypto In Crisis
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 Market Trend, Sentiment & Capitalisation

We studied the impact that online sentiment has on the cryptocurrency industry, some of our key findings were;

  • A correlation between increased negative online sentiment & fall in market capitalisation
  • High search volume & positive sentiment leads to a cryptocurrency’s market capitalisation increasing
  • Negative sentiment about a cryptocurrency that becomes more prominent leads to market capitalisation decreases


Crypto Vs Traditional Trading Exchanges

How do the online reputations of crypto exchanges compare to those of the more traditional exchanges? Our study found that;

  • Over 1/3 of the top 20 search results for traditional exchanges come from their official channels (shown in this graph)
  • This figure falls to just 17.75% for crypto exchanges, meaning they have much less control
  • Crypto exchanges have much more varied sources of negative content than traditional exchanges, again making it more difficult to retain control of their reputation
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Case Study: Crypto In Crisis

Discover the actual impact that a hack can have on a cryptocurrency, not only from a search result sentiment perspective, as shown in these graphs, but more importantly, the overall market value of the cryptocurrency;


  • Rise in negative search engine results from 2% to 28%
  • Drop in positive search results from 22% to 3%
  • More than 1/3 of the coin's value lost in a week
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